Total Medicaid Enrollment Drops by 26.7 Percent Following the Conclusion of the Continuous Enrollment Provision

The federal continuous enrollment provision allowed Granite Staters to retain Medicaid coverage throughout most of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency without verifying their continued eligibility. This contributed to the increase in total Medicaid enrollment statewide. Following the provision’s repeal, New Hampshire began disenrolling beneficiaries from Medicaid in a process known as the “unwind.From March 2023 to March 2024, the first year of this process, enrollment dropped by 26.7 percent. Children and residents enrolled in Medicaid’s Granite Advantage program have faced the sharpest enrollment declines since the start of the unwind period, with declines of 17.9 percent and 38.5 percent, respectively. Despite these declines, both total enrollment and enrollments for the Granite Advantage group remain higher than 2020 levels.