NH Child Care Scholarship Maximum Family Cost Share Capped at 7% of Household Income

Newly implemented guidelines for the New Hampshire Child Care Scholarship program aim to make child care more affordable for families with households that earn under 85% of the State Median Income. Eligible families earning 100% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or less have no cost share. For eligible households earning between 100% and 138% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, there is a $5 per week cost share. Families enrolled in the program earning above this limit have cost shares capped at 7% of their household income. Under these new guidelines, a family of two enrolled in the program may only need to spend $5,054 annually, or about $97 per week, on child care tuition. 

Learn more in NHFPI’s January 2024 blog: https://nhfpi.org/blog/new-hampshire-child-care-scholarship-eligibility-to-be-expanded-in-2024-provider-reimbursement-rates-increased/