Median Annual Salaries for Child Care Workers $8.41 Below that of All New Hampshire Occupations

In 2023, the median hourly wage for a New Hampshire child care worker was $15.62 an hour. This equates to $32,490 annually, only $2,500 more than the 2023 federal poverty guideline for a family of four, and approximately half of the 2023 median salary for New Hampshire’s kindergarten teachers.  New Hampshire’s preschool teachers earned a median annual salary of $37,650 in 2023, which is $2,900 more than retail salespersons, but approximately $12,000 less than the median annual salary and wage income of all New Hampshire occupations.  Early education and child care administrators earned median salaries of $60,210 in 2023, slightly less than half the median salary for all Granite State Management Occupations ($120,650). Low wages and few, if any, benefits are likely key factors contributing to the child care workforce shortage, as workers can earn considerably more doing other work.  

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