Examining the State Budget: The Senate’s Proposal

The State Senate has finished its work on a State Budget proposal, which will lead to the State Budget going back to the House for concurrence or non-concurrence. A non-concurrence vote would result in a Committee of Conference comprised of members from the House and the Senate, typically the final step before a single version of the State Budget returns to both chambers for a vote.

This presentation reviewed the Senate’s proposed State Budget for State Fiscal Years 2022 and 2023, and discussed key changes from the State’s current operating budget and from the budget proposal passed by the House of Representatives in April.

This presentation also reviewed the recent guidance provided by the federal government with regard to permissible uses of flexible American Rescue Plan Act funds flowing to the State of New Hampshire.


Examining the State Budget: The Senate’s Proposal – Presented by Phil Sletten, Senior Policy Analyst at the New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute

Examining the State Budget: The Senate’s Proposal – Event Recording

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