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Demographic Changes Likely to Increase Demand for Medicaid

August 3, 2017 Common Cents
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Medicaid, a program funded jointly by the federal and state governments, helps eliminate or defray the costs of health coverage for certain populations with incomes below certain levels. The cost of providing health care coverage to Medicaid recipients varies dramatically across different groups of recipients. Children, for example, tend to be relatively inexpensive to cover. In State fiscal year 2016, low-income children made up about 64 percent of the participants in New Hampshire’s Medicaid managed care health coverage services, but only accounted for 20 percent of the costs, according to the State’s Department of Health and Human Services.

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Medicaid Assists More Than 185,000 New Hampshire Residents

July 25, 2017 Common Cents
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Medicaid helps approximately one out of every seven Granite Staters access health care. The Medicaid program is a joint federal-state partnership to eliminate or defray the costs of health coverage for certain populations with incomes below certain levels, including children, parents, pregnant women, people with disabilities, seniors and nursing home residents, and other individuals with low incomes.

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State’s Diverse Tax Base Stabilizes Revenue, But Business Tax Changes May Increase Volatility

June 29, 2017 Common Cents
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New Hampshire’s state tax revenue is relatively stable, but the State’s largest tax may be among the most volatile types of common taxes, a new analysis from The Pew Charitable Trusts suggests. Between 1997 and 2016, New Hampshire’s tax volatility, as measured through percentage changes from the prior fiscal year, was only higher than five other states, suggesting New Hampshire’s tax revenues do not typically deviate dramatically from year to year relative to other states. However, digging into the diverse revenue streams and drawing on the experiences from other states shows some risk for New Hampshire.

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New Hampshire’s Complex Transportation Funding Challenges

30 Jan 2018

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Investments in the operation, maintenance, and construction of transportation infrastructure in New Hampshire often draw from many different sources and funds. Decisions about financing mixes, timelines, projected interest costs, and the effects of deteriorating or enhanced transportation infrastructure at any level of government can all influence projects.