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Abnormal Rise in Business Tax Revenue Likely Due to Federal Tax Changes

May 9, 2018 Common Cents
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The State’s two primary business taxes have brought in significantly more revenue than expected thus far in 2018, raising questions about the sources and durability of this boost in receipts. Businesses are changing their behaviors in response to corporate tax reform at the federal level in ways that generate more revenue within the existing state business tax structure, but some changes are likely to be temporary and have limited long-term effect. Legislators should be cautious regarding the use of these revenues, given the lack of assurance that higher-level revenues will continue and other uncertainties surrounding the State’s longer-term revenue.

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House Finance Committee Modifies Medicaid Expansion Work Requirements, Tweaks Funding Structure

April 27, 2018 Common Cents
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On April 25, the House Finance Committee voted to make several changes to the Medicaid expansion reauthorization bill, which would authorize a new version of the program, currently providing health coverage to approximately 52,000 low-income Granite Staters, for five years. These changes include reversing several of the changes to the work requirements made previously by another House committee and clarifying several components of the funding structure while adding a potential revenue source. None of the changes alter the fundamental structure of the State Senate’s proposal, which shifts the Medicaid-served population currently participating in the individual marketplace to the purview of the managed care organizations.

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Expanded Medicaid Proposal Moves Forward with Changes to Work Requirements

April 11, 2018 Common Cents
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On April 5, the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed an amended version of expanded Medicaid reauthorization that modifies the work requirements outlined in the State Senate’s proposal and makes a variety of other, smaller changes. The House accepted the amendment from the House Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee and voted to move the bill to the House Finance Committee for a second review. Approximately 52,000 low-income Granite Staters rely on expanded Medicaid for access to health care, and the State Legislature must reauthorize the program for it to continue beyond the end of this year.

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Work Requirement Implementation Begins Amid Troubling Signs from Other States

4 Mar 2019

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Implementation of the work and community engagement requirements for Medicaid expansion enrollees officially began March 1, with June as the first month requiring non-exempt enrollees to have 100 hours of qualifying activities. The flexibility within New Hampshire’s current rules permits enrollees to use a subsequent month to fulfill their required hours, and certain individuals are exempt from the requirements; however, individuals could lose health care coverage for not fulfilling the work and community engagement reporting requirements as early as August.