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October Revenues Above Plan Despite Sluggish Real Estate Transfer Tax

November 2, 2017 Common Cents
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October revenues for the General and Education Trust Funds met the State’s anticipated revenue plan based on State Budget expenditures, but the relative strengths and weaknesses of certain revenue sources and comparatively small revenue surpluses may limit the Legislature’s flexibility in future deliberations. As with earlier revenues thus far this fiscal year, the receipts did not show robust growth over the prior year or a significant revenue surplus above plan. October cash revenues for the General and Education Trust Funds were $3.2 million (2.6 percent) above plan, boosting the revenue surplus for State fiscal year 2018, which began on July 1, to $5.5 million (0.9 percent) thus far.

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Interpreting the Significance of the October County Census Data Release

October 26, 2017 Common Cents
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NHFPI recently published a Fact Sheet showing the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey estimates for counties and municipalities in New Hampshire. These one-year data provide snapshot estimates of economic indicators in the state’s counties for data collected in 2016. As they are only one-year data and rely on small sample sizes, they are less reliable than other samples, including data covering a five-year window to be released in December, at providing an accurate estimate for key indicators. However, these data provide more timely estimates of people’s income and poverty status in different parts of the state, and offer insights into the directions these indicators are moving and areas of concern.

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Lackluster September State Revenues Reduce Surplus

October 4, 2017 Common Cents
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September was the first big month for revenue collection of State fiscal year (SFY) 2018, and while the total cash collected should not yet ring alarm bells, overall receipts were nothing to boast about. This trend continues observations from SFY 2017, which ended June 30, 2017, and the first two months of the current fiscal year. The General and Education Trust Funds, the primary repositories for the least restricted revenue streams from State taxation, were $2.3 million (0.5 percent) above plan for the year after September’s receipts, but that was down from $4.6 million at the end of August, with September’s shortfall relative to the revenue plan cutting the unrestricted cash revenue surplus in half.

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Job Growth Slowed in New Hampshire During 2017

11 Jun 2018

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The rate jobs were added to the economy in New Hampshire during 2017 was considerably lower than during 2016, suggesting fewer additional jobs are being filled in the state. This slowing in job growth from the higher levels seen during 2015 and 2016 may reflect that, in a growing economy with a low unemployment rate, many employers are having difficulty finding workers to fill positions.