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State Agencies Project Major Revenue Declines Due to COVID-19 Crisis Impacts

May 29, 2020 Common Cents
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New Hampshire State agencies expect revenue collections to be more than half a billion dollars less than planned through the middle of 2021, indicating key services for Granite Staters may face funding challenges without other supports. Agency officials indicated the combined General Fund and Education Trust Fund collections may be about $486 million, or 9.2 percent, lower than originally planned for the entire State Budget biennium. The expected reductions in revenue to these Funds and the Highway Fund, caused by the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, suggest additional revenue from the federal government or other sources will be required to avoid significant and consequential reductions to the current State Budget.

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Majority of New Hampshire’s Federal CARES Act Flexible Grants Appropriated, Includes Added Support to Businesses, Nonprofits, and Child Care

May 22, 2020 Common Cents
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The State of New Hampshire has appropriated most of the flexible funding provided by the federal government in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Following the Governor’s announcements on May 15, 2020, all but approximately $402 million of the $1.25 billion provided to New Hampshire as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act had been dedicated to specific purposes by the State. The federal government sought to provide states with some resources and discretion to respond to the health impacts and economic ramifications of the pandemic. These flexible funds were deployed in concert with other directed CARES Act supports, including other aid for businesses and assistance to individuals, and followed aid from other federal legislation.

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Property Tax Relief Program Application Deadline Extended to November

May 21, 2020 Common Cents
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The COVID-19 crisis will likely have the greatest economic impacts on Granite Staters with low and moderate incomes. Direct forms of aid, such as economic and nutritional assistance, are critical in providing relief and support to affected individuals and families. New Hampshire’s existing program targeted at property tax relief for lower-income homeowners can help offset immediate costs, and the State has extended the deadline to apply for a tax rebate this year.

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Legislature Finishes Historic Session, Sends Omnibus Bills to Governor’s Desk

10 Jul 2020

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With an abbreviated timeline that prevented further deliberation, the Legislature combined legislation left on the agenda since March and sent both single-issue and omnibus bills to Governor Sununu. The Senate compiled both bills originating in the Senate and the House into larger bill packages, and the House’s schedule only permitted concurrence or rejection of bills relayed to it by the Senate, rather than an amendment process through Committees of Conference. The result was a series of bills covering a wide variety of topics, including future COVID-19 vaccines, expanded dental benefits for Medicaid recipients, raising the minimum wage, unemployment compensation for COVID-19-related reasons, paid family and medical leave, protections for renters behind on payments during the pandemic, telehealth services, New Hampshire Employment Security’s computer systems, and importation of prescription drugs from Canada.

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